Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers & Yoga Teachers in Training

Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed credit available

Please call (503)223-8157 or send in a registration form with your payment to register, or you can register and pay online by following the payment link here. Please be sure to email us to let us know which class you want to enroll in and to make sure there is space for you.

WE ARE EXCITED to be offering 4 Continuing Education classes for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Teachers in Training. Gudmestad Yoga has been sharing yoga with the Portland community for over 30 years. Julie Gudmestad, Physical Therapist and Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor, E-RYT 500 and the founder of Gudmestad Yoga has dedicated her career to combining the practice of yoga with the knowledge and benefits of physical therapy. Julie, Hope, Laila and Rachel will be teaching the workshops this fall. We look forward to seeing you at the studio.

We are offering the following courses:

Introduction to Alignment Based Sequencing with Hope Fyfield, PT

Day Time Instructor Cost
Sunday, Sept. 23 10am - 1pm Hope $65 ea (all 4 bundled/$240)

Are you wondering, “How do I start?” or “What comes next?” Come explore how poses are related, what goes together and what comes next in a workshop designed to answer these questions. Ideal for teachers just getting started or someone looking for a fresh perspective and different ideas. Class will be a mix of lecture, practice, and lots of question and answer time.

3 CE Credits with the Yoga Alliance

Sequencing for Warrior Poses with Rachel Lundberg, E-RYT 500

Day Time Instructor Cost
Sunday, Oct. 14 3 - 6pm Rachel $65 ea (all 4 bundled/$240)

The warrior poses are fundamental standing poses in every yoga practice. They tend to be considered basic poses, so why do our students find them so difficult and how do we get our students ready to practice these poses safely and effectively?

Each warrior pose has complimentary poses and practices that with proper sequencing can keep our students challenged while leading them to success at every level. We will look at sequencing for each of the three warrior poses and learn how to teach them at any level and how they can operate together.

3 CE Credits with the Yoga Alliance

Sequencing for Handstands with Laila Deardorff, MSPT

Day Time Instructor Cost
Sunday, Nov. 4 3 - 6pm Laila $65 ea (all 4 bundled/$240)

Handstands can be quite intimidating for the beginning yoga student or even those who have practiced a while, because they are challenging in many ways. In order to stand on your hands you need strength, balance, control and flexibility in your hands, wrists, shoulders, and hamstrings. But when you finally get up there and balance for even a moment or two, it’s a marvelous thing and well worth the effort.

Have you had students who had difficulty with Handstands? In this 3-hour workshop you will come to understand the requirements, prep work involved and ways of sequencing needed in order to successfully take your students up into handstand and start the process of learning to balance. Additionally, we will cover the use of props & modifications for those who may have problems with their wrists and elbows.

3 CE Credits with the Yoga Alliance

Sequencing for Arm Balances with Julie Gudmestad, PT, E-RYT 500

Day Time Instructor Cost
Sunday, Dec. 2 3 - 6pm Julie $65 ea (all 4 bundled/$240)

It’s no wonder that arm balances are so challenging: they require both strength and flexibility. In this class, we’ll practice sequencing and preparatory poses that will help you master these exciting poses. We’ll start with Adho Mukha Vrksasana (handstand) and Bakasana (crow), usually the first arm balances that students learn, and then move on to more challenging options. Most importantly, you’ll learn that practicing arm balances can be fun!

3 CE Credits with the Yoga Alliance