Michael Sylvester

A lifelong competitive distance runner, Michael competed in 5-10K meter events and marathons until an industrial accident forced him to quit running and begin cycling. Covering 18,000 miles in 1-1/2 years, Michael raced on an international level until he broke his leg in a biking accident. Michael sought help from orthopedic surgeons, doctors and physical therapists, none of whom could reduce his pain or help him regain his range of motion.

With a gift certificate from a friend, Michael went to see Julie, who assessed his situation, giving him three exercises to help with his rehabilitation. Ever the athlete, Michael pushed himself too hard, but began to make progress. Julie then suggested he take a yoga class. After five years of studying with Julie, Michael began teaching. With Julie as his mentor and coach, Michael developed a passion for yoga and its ability to positively affect athletic performance and the healing process.

Michael loves to teach athletes because he understands their drive, physicality and the need they have for balance. He believes that yoga shows people where they are hard in their hearts, minds and bodies. As the body becomes less rigid, so does the heart, opening people emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to the breath of life and new ways of being.