Laila Deardorff, PT

Laila graduated from Pacific University with a Master's degree in physical therapy in 1998. She began her physical therapy career working with a variety of patients and settings including neuro-rehabilitation, post-surgical rehabilitation, acute care and orthopedics.  Her meeting with Julie Gudmestad in 1999 sparked both a curiosity and an interest for using yoga as exercise for rehabbing orthopedic injuries.

Her practice varies from acute to chronic injuries, degenerative changes and sports injuries.  The majority of her practice concentrates around spine issues as well as peripheral areas such as the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle.

In her therapy, Laila stresses the importance of proper alignment and movement and will show the patient how faulty movement patterns and prolonged postures can lead to tissue damage. Laila incorporates manual therapy to help restore proper movement of the joints and soft tissues and she teaches patients how to move correctly so as to reduce the symptomatic tissue stress. If appropriate, Laila uses exercise as the primary method for healing. She believes that by providing her patients with a tailor-made home exercise program, they will then have the necessary tools to continue taking responsibility for their health throughout their lives. 

Laila enjoys creating yoga programs for individuals who may have particular limitations or injuries by showing them which poses are therapeutic; which should be avoided and also how to modify other poses so that yoga will become a lifelong commitment.

Laila's family consists of a Norwegian husband, a nearly teenage daughter and a labradoodle. When she's not busy with work you'll find her enjoying many outdoor pursuits including cycling, golfing, skiing, hiking and jogging.