Integrating modern medical training in physical therapy with the ancient practice of yoga, Gudmestad Yoga Studio is dedicated to improving the lives of those we touch.

Gudmestad Yoga Studio stresses a balance between strength and flexibility, building endurance, and developing self-awareness through precise movement, posture and breath. By emphasizing proper form and alignment, students can reverse the effects of gravity while relieving the tensions of everyday life.

Those recovering from an injury can work toward regaining previous levels of strength and flexibility without fear of being pushed beyond their limits or experiencing additional pain or discomfort.

Because we work on positions sitting, standing and lying on the floor, students must be able to get up from and down to the floor on their own.

We also work with athletes to increase their power and speed. An exceptional form of cross-training, yoga classes specifically designed for athletes help restore the body's natural balance and improve overall athletic performance.

Regardless of an individual's level of experience, each class is an opportunity to leave stress and worry behind while giving each student a chance to restore mental and physical well-being.