Betsy Allen, PT

Betsy has been devoted to yoga since taking her first yoga class at Lewis & Clark College in 1971. She graduated from the University of New Mexico Physical Therapy program in 1987, writing her thesis on "Integrating Yoga with Traditional Physical Therapy." She still enjoys promoting the benefits of yoga thirty plus years later.

Betsy inspires students to "make friends with your body" – respect it and find comfort, strength and ease living in it. There is an emphasis on the importance of breath to physical, emotional and spiritual health. She regularly teaches "Healthy Breathing" workshops to both students and yoga teachers. She also enjoys teaching workshops such as Yoga for: insomnia, headaches, gardeners, dragon boaters, the overly flexible, for healthy shoulders, and strong core. Betsy was the readers choice for "Best Yoga Teacher for Beginners" in the Portland area when the Oregoniana/Oregon did polling in 2012.

Betsy's Physical Therapy practice specializes in the treatment of chronic pain. She develops and monitors individualized home exercise programs for her patients. To a great extent they are based on the asana/breathing of yoga. She also incorporates the teachings of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, the use of kinesiotape, foam rollers, Theraband and physioballs into her treatment approach. As a trained biofeedback therapist, she teaches stress/anxiety management and last, but not least, she uses manual therapy – specifically craniosacral, myofascial and trigger point therapy to help her patients find comfort and relief from symptoms.