Caroline Klug, PTA

Caroline took her first yoga class while in Eugene in graduate school in 1991 and remembers holding Virabhadrasana II for was seemed like a very long time while early morning sun streamed in through high windows of a beautiful old gymnasium. And she was hooked. Not long after moving to Portland in the late ‘90s, she signed up for a Level I class at Gudmestad on the recommendation of a friend and is grateful to have been taught by almost all the teachers at some point over the years.

She explored yoga at other studios, but always returned to Gudmestad for the consistent focus on anatomy and alignment, and found herself developing a love of kinesiology - the study of the mechanics of body movements. This inspired her to leave a career in software in 2008 and enroll in a two year Physical Therapist Assistant program. Since graduating in 2010, Caroline has worked in an outpatient physical therapy clinic where she gets to spend her days teaching patients about body mechanics and safe movement as they work to get back to doing the things they love.

In 2017 she took the next step on her yoga journey and completed the 200-hour teacher training through Lundberg Yoga. Since spring of 2018 Caroline has been teaching a Yoga Basics class at the physical therapy clinic where she works and is delighted to now join the yoga teaching staff at Gudmestad.

Originally from Wisconsin, Caroline spent much of her childhood outside – tending the gardens and feeding animals on their small farm, skiing in the winter, sailing in the summer, and identifying plants and birds year round with her bird watching botanist (and now yoga-practicing octogenarian) mother. Caroline’s current pastimes include trail running/hiking/walking with frequent stops to smell the flowers and take pictures of mushrooms/trees/ferns, getting creative with beads, yarn, or fabric, gardening, or curling up with a good book.