Level I
Designed for students with little or no previous yoga experience, this class focuses on gentle movements and establishes basic yoga principles and awareness.

Level II
Geared toward students with a little more yoga experience who want to build progressively. More work on basic strength and flexibility, with an emphasis on standing poses.

Level III
Intensive work on standing poses, including building endurance, preparation for inversions, and deeper work on flexibility.

Level IV
For students who want to work on a wide variety of poses with careful preparation and warm up. Inversions, backbends and sitting forward bends are introduced.

Level V
Our most challenging class, with a wide variety of poses taught at a more intense pace and with more challenging sequences. Prerequisite: A regular home practice.

Specifically designed to complement athletic training, especially running and cycling, these classes focus on stretching, joint alignment and upper body strength.

Athletes 1-2
For those with little or no yoga experience.

Athletes 3
For those with 6-12 months of experience.

Athletes 3-4
For those with more than 1 year of experience.