Schedule a one-on-one private session with one of our yoga teachers if you need help to:

    • Set up a personalized home yoga practice if you're not quite ready for, or don't have time to join a class.

    • Decide what class level to join, based on your previous yoga experience and current physical condition.

One-on-one instruction can deepen your practice, facilitating breakthroughs in ways that aren't usually possible in a classroom setting:

    • Receive personalized instruction with undivided attention and observation.

    • Gain insight into your unique structural 'blind-spots' through feedback and hands-on adjustments.

    • Establish a sequence of poses to focus on your yoga goals.


Private yoga sessions are not designed to help you with pain problems, disease or acute injuries. Please inquire instead about a Physical Therapy appointment.

To arrange a private yoga lesson with Betsy Allen, Laila Deardorff, Stuart Stark, Beth Paxson or Hope Fyfield please call (503) 223-8157.

    60 minutes: $150

    45 minutes: $112.50

    30 minutes: $75

    15 minutes: $37.50

Private yoga lessons may be shared by a maximum of 2 students.